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Be ti'n Gweld?

Mr Phormula


1:Be ti'n gweld? (Original mix)

2: Minority (Ifan Dafydd bonus remix)

3: Be ti'n gweld? (Switch fusion remix)

4: Be ti'n gweld? (E-Ratik remix)

5: Be ti'n gweld? (Dez Williams Elektronik religion remix)

6: Be ti'n gweld? (Phormula's deathstar remix)


Mr Phormula


1:Y Lleiafrifol2: Start's right here ft Skamma 3: Celtic Connections ft Madhat Mcgore, Werd 4: Anghenfil geiriau 5: M Daws Huw interval 6: Cooking up storms ft BVA, Leafdog 7: What you know about hiphop ft Jo Blow 8: Nol Arni ft Dybl L 9: Better Backup ft SonnyJim 10: Blinc Blinc 11: Devious sprites ft Dr Syntax 12: Hiphop Cymraeg ft Dybl L, Hoax, Tew Shady, Cofi Bach, Nine Tonne, Mc Sleifar, Rufus Mufasa, Mc Saizmundo,Chef Kwan

Minority EP

Mr Phormula


Already receiving airplay on BBC Radio 1 / BBC Radio Cymru / Radio Cardiff to name a but a few, What are you waiting for?!

1: Minortity
2: Y lleiafrifol
3: Minority (Kelakovski remix)
4: Minority (Leafdog remix)
5: Minority (Jay Robinson remix)
6: Minority (Rob Spaull remix)

United Freedom

United Freedom


1: No Gimmicks
2: Up In The North
3: Life
4: Round It Goes
5: Been A While
6: Monster Tendencies
7: Mt Own Worst Enemy
8: Slaves

Forward Thinking

Mr Phormula

£5.99 + p&p

1: CleanCarbon Pressed 2: Onwards and Upwards (feat. Dr Syntax) 3: Another Page Turned (feat. Junior Disprol) 4: It Couldn't Be (feat. Sonny Jim) 5: Nyth Interval Mr Phormula 6: Show You Somethin (feat. Brandeesh) 7: More Than Likely 8: Traditional Methods 9: Avoiding Situations (feat. Banji Ojo, Tom Edney & Mar) 10: Beardy Interval 11: Smell Me (feat. Dubbledge) 12: Chwarae Ceg

Thought You Knew

Mr Phormula


1: Thought you knew
2: Blow up feat Kristi Xi
3: No wonder
4: No wonder (What have I created! remix)
5: Blow Up feat Kristi Xi (Clean version)


Mr Phormula
with Sophie McKeand


1: Standing
2: To Good Health
3: She Is It

Twisted Tongues


£4.99 + p&p

Panad Products is proud to present the debut album release from the five piece north Walean hip-hoppers

1: Godamn You 2: Paycheque 3: Chdi a Fi 4: Feedback 5: Pobl Ffug 6: Jazz Jay 7: Extra Extra 8: North Wales Wreckers 9: Possesed 10: We Know 11: War 12: We Aint the W.A.C.K

Two Figures Of Speech

Mr Phormula & Lews Tewns


WARNING: Explicit Language
1: Whippersnappin' 2: MC's Dissapear 3: Forces That Be 4: Mandatory Music 5: Don't Be Someone You're Not 6: One Side Hip Hop 7: How Me & Lew Do 8: Faddle Addle 9: Play One For Me. Featuring Slicerman 10: Out We Go


Mr Phormula


Between 15 cans of red bull, coffee, a Chinese takeaway, free sandwiches and a quiche, this Unnos session turned out to be a very successful one. Artwork courtesy of Andy Birch (Dime One). Enjoy me ol muckers!

1: Gwacter 2: Bwrw Glaw 3: Tarw Coch

Wonky Wax

Mr Phormula
& Lews Tewns

£5.99 = p&p

"This combo would on the surface appear like your average 'Producer / Emcee' duo right. Well, not these Mr Phormula & Lews Tewns, as they both take turns on the mic and behind the boards. In fact, these Welsh fellas appear to have a real handle on both crafts and that's an impressive skill indeed." 2 hip,

1: Intro 2: Cofia Pwy Wyt Ti / Remember Who You Are 3: I Need My Wellies Right? 4: Gigs, Albums, Greenery and Beers 5: Tales From Wales 6: instrumental link 7: Darkass 8: instrumental link 9: Cure This Blight 10: Lifes Too Short 11: Sospan Slaveship Skit 12: Wonkysaurus Day Out 13: Chicken Pen Freestyle 14: Fet Em In Son 15: The Gentleman Is Dope 16: Roadside Skit 17: Tan Y Ddraig / Fire Of The Dragon 18: Get Em In outro